The vigilante ‘superhero’ was standing guard at the front of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Seattle after May Day protests turned violent. Demonstrators, including hundreds in black masks, hoods and armed with bats destroyed shop windows and staged marches.

Blogger Stranger’s slog wrote about his encounter with the costumed Phoenix Jones. “I ran into Slog commenter Baconcat, who was pepper sprayed by Phoenix Jones. Baconcat was taking pictures at the courthouse and Phoenix was screaming at the group, ‘I’m not against you guys, I’m here to keep the peace and protect this historic building,’ and then took them out with pepper spray. Baconcat says his eyes are dry as hell.”

Phoenix Jones, who was seen at the protests with his spider man sidekick, took to Twitter to deny the allegations of blasting people with the burning substance, writing: “I NEVER PEPPER SPRAYED ANYONE I DID GET SPRAYED BY ANARCHIST “PROTESTER” OCCUPY IS OK BUT ROITS ARE NOT”.

Phoenix Jones has been known to get trigger happy on the pepper spray. He was previously arrested for blasting people he said were fighting, but police insisted were dancing.