Katie Hodson went looking for Aboriginal art, but found nudists…

Going down to Cronulla (http://www.tntdownunder.com/article/2437919268.html[Sydney]) on the train I was quite excited. I was on the way to meet my Aussie friend Milly, who I had met at summer camp in the US two summers earlier and had not seen since.

I figured we would have a nice day at the beach, have a bit of lunch and that would be it. Little did I know what the day had in store for us.

We had a nice morning relaxing on the beach and then Milly suggested she take us to see some Aboriginal rock carvings she had visited once when she was at school.

So off we went in her car, driving through the beautiful national park until we arrived at Bundeena beach. This is when things started getting scary.

I wasn’t exactly kitted out for anything other than a day at the beach wearing a little skirt and gladiator sandals. But I figured that if Milly had gone with her school then the carvings would be down some nice little public footpath. But then we had to clamber over some rocks with me squealing like a girl and making a right fuss.

With that over and done with I started looking for this fabulous footpath. There was none. There wasn’t even a hint of a path and we weren’t even sure if this was the right way to go.