Solutions like Soberlink allow you to take monitoring your alcohol level to the next step by offering real-time remote monitoring. Thanks to the smart device and the cloud services that come with it, Soberlink lets you regain control of your sobriety more meticulously.   Soberlink is also used in Family Law cases where one or both parents are ordered, or volunteer to confirm their sobriety while their children are with them.  It also passes your test results to family members and those within your recovery circle, making you more accountable for your actions.

The top five features offered by Soberlink are described below.

Ease of Use

The next big challenge of doing regular blood alcohol content checks is the complicated process of performing one. Soberlink lets you overcome this particular challenge by simplifying the entire process into three easy steps.

The cycle begins with a reminder sent directly to your phone. The Soberlink Cellular Devices will validate your identity during the breath test.  The reason the system needs to validate your identity is because everything is done remotely.  Without a certified professional issuing the test, it is important that the mechanism is able to detect the identity of the person who is taking the test.

Everything else is fully automated. Once the data is captured, Soberlink automatically sends it through Verizon’s Private Network to the cloud-based recovery management software. Even the test schedules can be fully customized. You can follow a certain program or set your own monitoring schedules.

Integrated Facial Recognition

Soberlink’s facial recognition software is the most advance used in addiction treatment and family law. The software used to recognize your identity combines two of the largest software providers of facial recognition technology. The software is able to detect your identity and monitor its changes over time. Not only will you be able to get accurate results with this device, you can also validate that you are the one being tested.

No need to worry about inaccuracies when it comes to the device’s facial recognition software. The software is designed to be able to recognize subtle changes in your face (though users do need to remove their glasses and/or hat before use).

The camera is positioned strategically too. You complete the test by breathing into the test tube; the camera will automatically record your face as you perform the test, eliminating unnecessary steps in the process. Similar to the test data, facial data is also uploaded to the cloud for safekeeping.

Tamper Detection

All Soberlink devices have a set of internal device sensors designed to detect any form of tampering.  The tamper detection technology is the most sophisticated system currently available in the remote alcohol monitoring space.  This helps to give concerned parties peace of mind that the tests are accurate and have not been faked. 

Soberlink also goes a step further by adding the ability to detect human breath inconsistencies. The extra layer of protection makes every result recorded by the Soberlink device – and the cloud ecosystem that comes with it – valid.

Tamper detection is good for two reasons. First, you can count on the device to keep you honest; you know that every test result is accurate, giving you that extra confidence as you regain control of your sobriety. On top of that, the tamper detection makes every result valid; you can prove your sobriety more easily with the help of Soberlink.

Automatic Reporting

The software part of the equation is called Sober Sky. It is a cloud-based monitoring software that offers a wide range of features on its own. When paired with a Soberlink device, the software can really help you stay committed and sober for longer.

A lot of rehab facilities already use Soberlink to help their patients. The automatic reporting offered by Sober Sky lets facilities and therapists monitor the progress of their patients closely. Early warnings are issued every time a certain threshold is broken, so quick corrections can be made and the patient has a higher chance of staying sober for longer.

Soberlink is partnering with top organizations such as Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, the Edgewood Health Network, and Southworth Associates in helping people with alcohol addiction issues regain control of their sobriety. Combined with suitable therapy programs, Soberlink can really do a lot.

Immense Accuracy

To top it all off, Soberlink offers incredible reliability with every device it ships, in comparison to the accuracy of normal breathalyzers. Part of the reason why a lot of organizations and individuals now count on Soberlink as part of their processes is the immense reliability of the product. Tamper detection and accurate facial recognition are just the beginning. Soberlink also has multiple quality standards in place to ensure continuous reliability.

It is worth noting that Soberlink Cellular Devices are FDA-cleared. The technology behind the ecosystem – both the devices and the cloud solution – is patented in the US. You only need to look at the certifications Soberlink’s manufacturers have – ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS18001 – to know that every product the company ships goes through rigorous testing and strict quality control.

Attention to quality is one of the most recognized characteristics of Soberlink. Go through testimonials from past users and you will find that many of them are individuals who simply want to get sober in a controlled and effective way. Many of them started using Soberlink after being recommended by the court or social workers, but continue to use the solution after the mandatory tests were completed due to the positive encouragement the solution brought into their lives.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are many reasons why you need to start monitoring your blood alcohol content regularly. Whatever those reasons are, Soberlink is a fantastic solution to use, especially if you are just getting started. With the help of this device and the features it offers, you can take back control over your sobriety from day one.