Nursing is one of the industries that has held its head above water during the GFC, paying travellers a good packet while they’re at it. We leave Amanda Hoh to take care of you…

While some Australian companies have been forced to make redundancies over the last year, there is one group who have felt pretty safe during the world’s “economic crisis”.

Nurses are still pounding down hospital floors stronger than ever. With only a bit of experience and a normal Working Holiday visa, the jobs are plenty and the perks even more inviting. “There are no problems getting a job,” says Susan Foureur, the recruiter for midwives at Nursing Agency Australia (NAA). “Depending on the time of shift, whether morning, afternoon or night, you could earn anywhere between $44-$53 per hour.” As casual or temporary workers, the pay is usually above the minimum wage set by the Australian Government and if you have a nursing degree and at least two years experience, a recruitment agency like NAA can place you in any hospital around Oz. Nurses are required to register with the Nursing Board of each state or territory they are working in.

So before you call up or register online, make sure you have all the documents to prove you have a degree in nursing. Once that is all sorted, be ready to expand your horizons for this is the best way to get work experience. “It’s all kept quite flexible. The only requirement is that once a nurse signs up for a shift, they have to do it,” says Susan.

So if you have a nursing degree, why not earn some dosh, see the country and experience working in an Australian hospital all at the same time. So it really does take care of everything.