When I was in Melbourne last week I couldn’t help notice how busy all the bars and restaurants were. Wasn’t there meant to be some sort of recession? People have to live on beans on toast these days, don’t they?

Thankfully – for the hospitality industry – this is not the case and there’s no sign of people sacrificing their Friday drinks or mid-week dinner dates yet. This is good news for travellers looking for jobs.

Whether you’re making coffee, mixing cocktails (like our lovely Megan below) or waiting tables, hospitality is a great way to meet people from all over the globe. However, before you run off excitedly to pull those pints make sure that you have a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate first.

Also, if you choose to work somewhere with “pokies” you may also need
a RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling). To find out more about getting trained up visit

Although the wages in hospitality aren’t fantastic, smiles can increase tips.

Salary depends on what you are doing, but hourly rates go from $12 per hour to $29 for skilled positions like chefs.

What qualities do you need? Don’t fret about experience, “A sense of humour goes far in this industry” says Jackie Taylor from Site Services.