Tame Impala, Innerspeaker – album review

To record their first album, Perth quartet Tame Impala relocated to an enormous treehouse mansion with views of the Indian ocean. And if it had also come to light that they had chowed down on lentils and painted flowers on each other’s faces, then who would have really been surprised? Because from the kaleidoscopic swirl of Desire Be Desire Go to the Hendrix-esque rumble of The Bold Arrow Of Time this is an album steeped heavily and beautifully in hippy-trippy ’60s psychedelica.

That said, the band’s flirtations with ’70s stoner fuzz rock and more esoteric influences prevent it from becoming a mere pastiche. Instrumental piece Lucidity is less compelling without lead man Kevin Parker’s faraway vocals but overall Innerspeaker works like a dream.


Review: Alison Grinter