Three quarters of Brits (77%) found nuisances calls to be the biggest annoyance, alongside people who listen to music loudly in public (34%) and social media boasting (33%) also being seen as modern irritations. 

The poll of 2,000 British adults on which aspects of 21st century living leave us stressed out was conducted by Tandem, who found that one in three Brits (33%) get frustrated and ‘see red’ at least once a day.

Britain’s top 25 irritations revealed are as follows:

Nuisance calls (PPI, accident / injury lawyers, etc.) 77%

Being kept on hold while using the telephone 67%

Dog mess fouling in public 57%

Unexpected fees and charges 49%

Unclear pricing and misleading offers 42%

Having no internet connection 41%

Litter louts 39%

Call centre confusion (being passed around different teams) 38%

Companies offering best deals to customers and ignoring loyal customers 38%

Noise pollution (i.e. noisy neighbours) 37%

Basic manners ignored (i.e. not saying thank you) 36%

People who listen to music loudly through headphones on public transport 34%

Automated phone systems 34%

Laptop/computer crashing 34%

Queuing 33%

People who boast on social media 33%

Missing a parcel delivery 33%

Lack of phone signal 31%

Being stuck in traffic 30%

Spam mail promoting new services sent to your house 29%

People talking on the phone loudly 29%

Selfies 29%

Reality TV shows 28%

Slow walkers 27%

Confusing security questions 27%