In the spirit of all things April Fools-related, tour company Kiwi Experience have compiled a list of the daftest questions that they’ve ever been asked by passengers on their trips.

“We’re certainly not calling our passengers fools, but in the spirit of silliness we had to share these corkers,” a spokesperson for the company said. “Who knows? Perhaps it was actually us being taken for a ride!”

The most moronic questions are as follows…

“What is the difference between a $10 and $20 phone card?”

From a passenger standing on a pier approximately 3m above the sea: “How far above sea level are we here?”

“I am from Canada, and if I phone home now, will my Mum be at home?”

“What time does the 8.40am ferry leave?”

Driver: “Waitomo is full of caves, we’ve discovered hundreds of them but there’s still many more undiscovered.” A passenger responds with “How many undiscovered caves are there?”