Once I found out it was in fact a bash for a bar my interest piqued.

This is exactly what the Jam Tree Chelsea did. Last Thursday they invited revellers to join them for a good old knees up to mark them turning half a decade.

What’s more they put a twist on a traditional party by offering guests’ presents. Early-birds, like me, were treated to a glass of fizz – a staple for any decent birthday party. We also had the gift of the first hog roast of the year, served as it should be, in a floury bap with plenty of meat and stuffing.

With my stomach adequately lined it was time to eyeball the jam-based cocktail menu. The problem I have with most cocktail menus returned, why can’t I have them all?

My first cocktail was Black Moonshine, served in their signature jam jar. I gathered I’d be a fan of anything described as ‘potent’. Amaretto, Bacardi Oak and cloudy apple juice shaken together with blackcurrant jam was everything I’d hoped for. I’d hit the proverbial cocktail jackpot.

I moved on to Le Fizz, less potent but just as tasty. Grey Goose vodka and elderflower makes for a mighty fine mix.

Like most parties, people arrived fashionably late. Almost as soon as the lights dimmed for Sol Brothers to take control of the music, an influx of people arrived. It’s almost as if they knew it was dancing time.

Guests were an eclectic mix, ranging from none other than Dapper Laughs to the Chelsea party set crowd.

As I was leaving, the party bore the hallmark of any good celebration, people were still dancing the night away.

The Jam Tree, 541 King’s Road, SW6 2EB