The scene But once you’re through the door it becomes apparent this is the type of place almost entirely frequented by hip young people who work for ‘creative agencies’.

Not that that’s always a bad thing; this lot are OK, if you’re willing to indulge them a bit, an activity which usually consists of guessing the ‘amazing new blue chip client we hooked in Miami’.

A small central bar is flanked by a cosy fire, with three large rooms adjoining.

The long tables set out for dining can seem a bit bleak and underlit in the day, but as the evening wheels around the place becomes much more welcoming as an improbably convivial atmosphere overtakes the pub.

The grub Of particular note are the pub’s sublime Sunday lunches.

A tight menu of pub favourites (think burgers and pies) is tempered with some delightful gastronomic flourishes (try the slow braised pork cheek). 

Behind the bar Among your standard continental lagers, there’s a small, but considered selection of ales from local breweries, such as London Fields. 

Bill please Pints from £3 (no, really); wine from £3.80 a glass; mains from £10.

Verdict May be a bit much for the intensely hipster averse, but the staff are remarkably pleasant, the food is superb and the atmosphere will stay with you. 

%TNT Magazine% stars 4

07A Culford Rd, N1 4HT
Station | Dalston Junction/Haggerston