Well never fear, help is at hand. Geri Halliwell, of Spice Girls fame has taken her first tube journey in nearly two decades. She’s helpfully sent a series of tweets describing her experience and giving her top tips on how to use the Tube

Halliwell posted a photograph of her emerging on to the street at Piccadilly Circus after a journey that took one minute, reports The Guardian.

“Loved it!!i’m a Londoner! I’m liberated!!” she tweeted, following up with a series of top commuting tips.

She wrote: “Tube tip – doors stops at platform entrance, or below sign, more seats at end carriage. oh & it’s not smelly just saying.”

Twitter users were equally amused and bemused by the singer’s messages.

@MissAnnebelleL asked: “Is Geri Halliwell going to explain how we top up our oysters next?”

@IncrediblyRich wrote: “Geri Halliwell spent a few minutes underground and is now tweeting ridiculously obvious tips as though we don’t all ride the tube EVERY DAY.”

And @Done_Can said: “I’d love to see Geri Halliwell travel on the megabus. Wouldn’t be so chipper then!