A love letter to the world’s greatest TV show, Yianni shares stories, facts, impersonations and more to form a hilarious and cromulent look at a lifetime spent quoting, referencing and learning from the Simpsons, how the show has embiggened his life, and how he almost became the actual real life replacement voice for Mr Burns and Smithers!

Whether you’re a Simpsons geek, an everyday fan, or (somehow) a total Simpsons novice, it’ll be fun-diddly-un! DOHn’t miss it!

The tour goes on sale on Wednesday 31st May, with tickets available through See tickets, Yianni and Impatient Productions websites.

‘Will have you laughing harder than Bart watching Itchy and Scratchy; and wondering how on Earth you hadn’t heard of Yianni sooner”  %TNT Magazine% 5starsmall  Glam, Adelaide

‘A must see for any fan of the four fingered family’  %TNT Magazine% 5starsmall The Music, Melbourne

‘Embiggen your night.  Go and see this show’  %TNT Magazine% 5starsmall  Daily Review, Melbourne

Need to Know:

Friday 15th September Museum of Comedy, London

Friday 13th October Museum of Comedy, London

Friday 17th November Museum of Comedy, London

Tickets: museumofcomedy.ticketsolve.com/shows/873574526