BlaBlaCar (Android/iOS/Google Play). Cost: Free

The sleek new app from BlaBlaCar enables you to share your journey to your destination saving you money and enabling a social experience along the way.

Hotel Tonight (Android/iOS/Google Play). Cost: Free

Book last minute hotel rooms (for up to 5 nights) at affordable rates. Shows the day’s best hotels and values.

Wikitude World Browser (Android/iOS/Blackberry/Windows Phone). Cost: Free

Widely regarded as the king of all augmented reality browsers, the virtual browser provides geographically-relevant information valuable to enhance your travels on the go.

What Gas Petrol Prices (Android/iOS/ BlackBerry/Google Play). Cost: Free

Find out your nearest petrol station and compare prices.

Stylebook (iOS). Cost: Free

A fashion and packing app that helps you plan your outfits for the trip.

MyPlusOne (Web app). Cost: Free

Allows you to meet locals in cities. Instead of paying money, users will be able to barter a skill or a gift in exchange for a local experience.

Travel Safe (iOS). Cost: 69p

Allows you make emergency calls and texts anywhere in the world fast, great for backpackers.

DrinkAdvisor (Android/iOS). Cost: Free

Locates your nearest bar or night club anywhere in the world.

Food spotting (Android/iOS/Blackberry). Cost: Free

A visual guide to good food. Users can find the best food near them and see what it looks like.

Viber (Android/iOS/Windows Phone). Cost: Free

A social networking app which allows you to keep in touch with loved ones all over the world for free.

Image credit: Thinkstock