Set in 1940’s Manhattan’s Upper East Side and told in flashback through fellow tenant Fred’s eyes, American playwright’s Richard Greenberg’s 2013 stage adaptation sticks more closely to the original than the well-known 1961 film which starred a gamine Audrey Hepburn.

With a mass of blonde hair and a teasing glint behind her dark glasses, Lott’s Holly sings “Moon River” accompanying herself on the guitar, and echoes a coltish Marilyn Monroe as she pursues her glamourous unconventional lifestyle, surrounded by wealthy guys who are more than happy to pay for her company yet, deep down, she’s yearning for true love. And there’s more than a hint of Cabaret’s Sally Bowles (Capote acknowledged the influence of Christopher Isherwood’s 1937 story on which both the play and the musical were based) in this tale of a good time girl who decided to reinvent herself.

credit: Sean Ebsworth-Barnes

It’s a decent performance in a not altogether successful production, but you’re asking for trouble if you put a cute animal on stage – and incredibly chilled  rescue cat Bob steals the show, performing impeccably and crossing the stage with a bushy-tailed confidence, completely unfazed by the loud, brash party guys clamouring for Holly’s attention.

Theatre Royal Haymarket

Haymarket, SW1Y 4HT

Until 17th September  

£15.00 – £62.50 + premium seats