A press release arriving at TNT Towers this morning says Marmite has just premiered a new online trailer for its TV advert (hitting screens next week). It kicks off with haunting cityscape shots and the voice-over, “These are dark days for our nation…”

The brand’s ‘End Marmite Neglect’ campaign launched with a teaser film on social media a week ahead of the official TV advert. The “micro-documentary” is said to have been created to lay bare the “continuing scourge of Marmite Neglect” in the UK and a warning imminent “full-scale Marmageddon”. Within two hours of going live, the film boasts over 95,000 Facebook hits resulting in almost 40,000 views and Marmite boasts, “its social media channels that have a combined fan base of over 1,000,000 people”.

We’re just not entirely sure how well it’s going to go down in the aftermath of yesterday’s events in Paris.

Are we being oversensitive?

Let us know what you think.