Wollongong – the jewel of the South

The major city on the south coast. It’s an old steel town with a fascinating history and a burgeoning cosmopolitan edge. Easy to get around – stay close to the middle of town and check out the art gallery and Performing Arts Centre.

The perfect beaches

Wollongong boasts miles of pristine beaches, which are often deserted. It’s a great place to take a dip, especially if you head into the northern surburbs like Thirroul, Austinmer and up to Helensburgh. Be careful, though. The surf conditions can be tricky.

Drive up The Escarpment

On one side of Wollongong is the coast, on the other the thickly wooded mountain range known only as The Escarpment. It’s a unique geographic contrast and it’s worth cruising up through the national park to the north of Wollongong. It’s a great spot, and one of the best drives on Australia’s east coast.

Fish and chips in Kiama

Go for a drive down the coast – it’s a fantastic trip on a sunny day. Hang out at the Kiama Blowhole and sample some of Kiama’s famous fish and chips. It’s a quiet little town on the south-coast but very pretty and worth a look.

Stop for a beer in Berry

Even further south is the thriving south-coast hub of Berry. Great pubs and restaurants with a bustling main street. A great place to spend a night, or at least stop off for an afternoon. Gets very busy in summer months as Sydneysiders head south.

Check out the whales in Jervis Bay National Park

It’s a bit of a drive to Huskisson, but it’s definitely worth it. Jervis Bay boasts about 50km of protected coast-line and is a great place for a weekend away. If you’re there at the right time of the year, head out on a boat for some whale-watching.