Getting there


You can fly directly into Wollongong, but the Illawarra Regional Airport only services certain routes and the flights can be expensive.


Probably the way to go. Get to Sydney and drive south. It takes about 90 minutes depending on traffic. It’s a nice drive once you get out of Sydney’s southern suburbs.


You can catch a train from Sydney. It’s a bit of trek, and you’re going to want a car once you’re in the Gong.

Getting around


The best bet. You won’t need a car in Wollongong, but wheels are a must if you want to make the most of your tour of the South Coast.


The buses in Wollongong are fine. They’ll get you to the suburban pubs and the beach and back. But not much good if you want to head further afield.

On foot

Wollongong is a good town to walk around. It’s impossible to get lost. Can be a bit dodgy in certain areas on a Saturday night.