Comedians Jenny Eclair and Dom Joly, along with TV-presenter Alison Hammond have been flown into Australia to join the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! crew.

Both Eclair and Joly will be entering the camp today, while Hammond will be on stand-by for a few days until show bosses call her in.

Eclair was only informed about the travel arrangements late Sunday evening, with show organisers asking her to get ready for a Brisbane flight leaving a few hours later.

She told The Sun: “One moment I was in my bath in Camberwell, the next I was at Heathrow.”

She also talked about what she expected from the show: “I’m on the reserve bench. I think there are eight of us. I hope I’m fourth on the list because I have a horrible feeling I could lose it in minutes.”

“I don’t like spiders and snakes,” she continued.

The decision to send in more contestants is believed to be over fears that fragile Gillian McKeith might leave the show, sooner rather than later.

The You Are What You Eat host has been struggling with the hardships of jungle life since she joined camp, collapsing after being stuck in a crate with creepy crawlies and rats in Monday’s show.

Viewers have already chosen McKeith to carry out two bushtucker trials, but the Scottish nutriotionst has now been excluded from today’s challenge on health grounds.