“We live in a world of unprecedented information, every corner of the globe has been mapped but I think there’s a downside to it. The magic of discovery has probably gone,” Morgan said. “You get reduced to being a consumer.

Travel becomes an exercise in ticking boxes. “There’s nothing wrong with travelling with guide books but sometimes you can have a more interesting experience if you throw them away and set out to a destination that you know nothing about. What’s wrong with getting lost? “

Adventure involves ignoring all the safety advice and going somewhere and getting lost.” Morgan started his company as a bizarre art project 10 years ago but its flowering popularity now allows him to lay on six adventures each here for thrillseekers hoping to do something different.

The Adventurists’ regular events include the Mongol rally, which involves driving ridiculously unsuitable vehicles across the Caucasus, and the Rickshaw Run, in which tiny rickshaws travel about 5000km through India. “It’s about small cars, stupid destinations and getting lost,” Morgan said.