However, with Oktoberfest still quite a long way off, we’ve picked five alternative events paying tribute to our favourite hops-based tipple to keep you going until then.

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1 The Belgian Beer Weekend, Brussels

Belgians are notoriously serious about their beer. For a start, their brews tend to average about 8 per cent proof. And so it only seems right to pick a nation that drinks the rest of the world under the table for the location of our top alternative beer festival.

This year, the 14th Belgian Beer Weekend is happening on the weekend of August 31-September 2. Beer lovers will see the Grand Place in Brussels filled with brews from both small and large Belgian brewers.

Not only is Belgian beer the most potent, but the country is also known for creating the biggest choice of colours and flavours in the world. There are 450 types of beer – fruity beers, red beers, golden beers and beers that have been brewed since the Middle Ages. And many have special glasses that are only allowed to be used for that type of beer. ‘Dedication’ isn’t the word.

While you swill the heady Belgian brew, you’ll see processions of historical brewery carts and beer wagons, plus live marching bands.

But the best part of the procession is the brewers themselves, who take tradition seriously. The ‘Knighthood of the Brewers Mash Staff’ –  aka the Belgian Brewers Guild, made up of those who have made a significant contribution to the profession – wear historical brewers’ garb as they parade through the streets around the Grand Place. The Mash Staff take their drinking so seriously, they’ve set up a series of annual festivals devoted to Gambrinus, the ‘King of Beer’ – a 13th-century Flanders monarch who loved his ale more than most.

Stay nearby, at 2 Go 4, just down the road from the Grand Place (rooms from £20 per person per night) – you’ll be thankful after a few litres.

Can you squeeze all 450 types of Belgian beer into one weekend?

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2 Wisconsin, US

The Great Taste of the Midwest is an all-American beer event, held on the second Saturday of August every year. Attracting 6000 people to the Olin-Turville Park in Madison, the relatively intimate event celebrates brews from the likes of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

There’s real ale, root beer, cider, stout, red beer, lager and everything in between – all brewed in the U-S-of-A’s Midwest. Tickets are £32.

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3 Qingdao, China

In the beer capital of China and home of Tsingtao beer, Qingdao International Beer Festival presents two weeks of beer-chugging summer fun.

On the coast, by the Yellow Sea, it’s a beachside festival that’s happening from August 11-26. Catch a glimpse of China’s drinking culture – think karaoke, dancing ladies and global music. And there’ll be big beer names representing countries from around the world, from Corona to Asahi to Bud. Entry is £1.

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4 Stockholm, Sweden

This is one for ale aficionados – as well as being Scandinavia’s top beer, cider and whisky festival, with hundreds of beers from around the world, there are plenty of ale appreciation classes to attend, too.

September 27 will kick off Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival. Any brewers worth their salt will be here, and there’ll be accolades up for grabs, including best fresh beer, best blonde lager, best porter and best Swedish beer. It’s £19 a ticket.

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Hastings, UK

Beer and music go together like fish and chips, so Hastings Beer & Music Festival on July 6-7 makes perfect sense. It’ll have more than 80 different ales, bitters, milds and stouts, plus a couple of ciders for good measure.

Entry’s a tenner, and for your ticket price, you’ll get to drink to live bands (Keane and Status Quo have played in the past), acrobats, comedians, contortionists and dancers.

You’ll also be raising the pint glass for a good cause – proceeds go to charity.