The Foreign Office has warned British nationals to leave Tunisia while airspace is still open, as violence continues. Most tourists have already been evacuated.

Over the weekend, 3,000 British tourists left Tunisia on emergency flights, cutting short their holidays over fears that foreigners could get caught up in the protests.

Last night the Foreign Office advised the 1,000 British nationals remaining in the country “to leave Tunisia unless they have a pressing need to remain”.

Thomas Cook evacuates Brits from Tunisia

According to the Foreign Office, between 1,000 and 1,500 Brits remain in Tunisia. Many are independent travellers or on visiting with small tour operators.

A ‘Rapid Deployment Force’ has been sent to Tunisia by the Foreign Office to look for Brits and aid their evacuation.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said that Britons should make haste to leave while it is still possible.

“Airspace is currently open over Tunisia, but this situation is moving rapidly and may change,” he said.

“We urge any British nationals in Tunisia to observe the curfews in place and to stay indoors wherever possible.”

British Airways has not yet decided whether to operate flights bringing back stranded passengers from Tunis. Thomas Cook and Thomson have already put on extra flights to get customers out of the danger zone.

Thomson and First Choice have cancelled flights until Wednesday but those planning to travel to Tunisia are advised to check with their tour operators during the next few days.

Violent protests over protest at corruption, unemployment and high food prices in Tunisia forced president Zine al Abidine Ben Ali to stand down on Friday and he has since fled to Saudi Arabia.

Protests continued over the weekend and some Tunis neighbourhoods have set up their own patrols, arming themselves with baseball bats and clubs.

1,000 prisoners rioted and escaped from a jail in Mahdia on Saturday. 42 died when a fire broke out in another prison in Monastir.

A group of Swedish tourists on a hunting trip were attacked and accused of being foreign terrorists.

Britons in Tunisia can register with the Foreign Office’s Locate system for assistance at or by calling +216 71 108 713.