Faith, the two-legged dog, has been made an honorary sergeant in the U.S. army for inspiring war veterans who have been disabled in service.

The eight-year-old wonder dog’s duties include marching around army hospitals on her hind legs, often dresses in a military jacket.
Watch Faith the two-legged dog here.


Faith’s owner, Jude Stringfellow, from Oklahoma, is now planning to bring the two-legged labrador-chow to the UK to work with soldiers wounded in Afghanistan.

“Faith seems to inspire these young men. It’s very emotional watching them respond to her,’ Stringfellow said.

“She shows what can be achieved against the odds. I’d love her to bring a smile to the lips of British soldiers.”

Faith was going to be put down when she was born with one leg missing and another that needed amputating. However, when Faith’s mother rejected her, the Stringfellows took care of her and taught her to walk on her hind legs.

After her son served in Iraq, Mrs Stringfellow decided to take the two-legged pooch into a veteran’s hospital.

She just walks around barking and laughing and excited to see them all,’ she said.

“There is a lot of crying, pointing and surprise. From those who have lost friends or limbs, there can be silence. Some will shake my hand and thank me, some will pat her on the head. There is a lot of quiet, heartfelt, really deep emotion,” she said.
Faith the two-legged dog at work


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