Bailey, 35, a university lecturer and product designer from Wandsworth faces giving birth to the couple’s child, due in July, without her husband due to visa restrictions.

The couple married last October, but due to bureaucratic visa restrictions they may be forced to live apart. The petition, posted on political pressure website 33 Degrees, has so far gained over 10,000 signatures from supporters.

In an open letter to Home Secretary Theresa May, Bailey wrote “My husband is being forced to leave the country thanks to incredibly unfair loopholes in your new visa rules for the husbands and wives of British citizens.”

“I’m heavily pregnant with my first child – and I’m terrified at the prospect of giving birth without him here to support me and looking after our new born alone.”

Bizarrely, Bailey’s only option could be to claim Irish citizenship, since her grandmother is Irish. “The only thing I can do is become Irish. I’ve only been to Ireland once. I should be able to stay British. I’m actually worse off in my own country for being British.” she told the Evening Standard.

Following a damning report last month Home Secretary Theresa May announced that the UKBA would be split up. However, very few details have been revealed as to the nature of the new and improved agencies have been revealed – and all of the same staff will remain in employment.

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Main image via 33 Degrees