The Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest event, which is organised by Rat Race Adventure Sports, has moved its London venue from Battersea to the iconic new home, where the course will loop around Wembley Stadium before taking participants through a gauntlet of obstacles.

Race day is November 22, and will include scampering across parkland, tearing through industrial landscapes, jumping down a monster water slide; oh, and the odd diversion through the river.

This is in addition to some of the series’ obstacle classics, such as a colossal hay bale wall, an army assault course area, the “Parkour” zone and the infamous Men’s Health “Wall of Fame” – a sheer eight-foot high construction, which competitors must scale before they are able to officially call themselves a “Survivor”.

In the words of Jim Mee, Rat Race Adventure Sports MD, the new route “will result in participants getting seriously wet and muddy”.

Sounds like you might get a bit tired too.

This year’s London event is the culmination of a series of high-octane 10K obstacle races, with others taking place in Cardiff, Nottingham, Edinburgh and Manchester.

As darkness descends, competitors will also have the opportunity to complete a 5k course by night, which will feature 90% of the obstacle content of the 10km race.

Rat Race Adventure Sports has the largest selection of adventure races in the UK, having operated 18 events in 2014 alone, which attracted a combined total of over 70,000 participants. This is also the company behind the Man vs Mountain event, and the world’s largest obstacle course, Dirty Weekend.

Entry to the 2014 event is open until capacity is reached and costs £65 per person. Alternatively, it’s £60 per person when entered as a team of five, and £55 per person for a team of ten.

Oh, wait, we almost forgot the best bit! There’s also a beer tent the size of a football pitch where you can celebrate at the end of the race. We’ll see you there…