Fancy a bit of crime tourism? Here are the world’s top five crime-theme hoidays.

1. Alcatraz, US

What: Notorious criminals like Al “Scarface” Capone and the “Birdman” Robert Stroud both did time at Alcatraz, once home to some of America’s most infamous criminals. Set on an island a ferry ride from San Francisco, this legendary jail is now open to visitors who can hear the actual voices of the correctional officers and inmates via an award-winning audio tour.
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Salem US

2. Salem, US

What: Home to the infamous witchcraft trials of 1626, Salem, in Massachusetts, offers witchy attractions as well as a slew of so-called haunted houses. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the gloomy Witch House, where the witch trials took place, which sent 19 so-called “witches” to the gallows. The house is open from May until November.
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Mafia country

3. Mafia country, Aspromonte, Italy

What: Found in Italy’s toe, the forests and mountains of Aspromonte is where the Calabrian mafia were based until the 1990s. The mafia dons are long gone, but the region is gloriously unexplored. 
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Langholmen hostel

4. Langholmen Hostel, Stockholm, Sweden

What: This prison-turned- hostel can be found in central Stockholm on its own island. Sleep in recently revamped two- to four-bed cells where inmates used to kip. There’s also a prison museum.
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Hostel Celica

5. Hostel Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

What: Spend the night behind bars at this hip hostel, where the remnants of the building’s prison iron bars are artfully placed on the doors and windows. Rooms resemble plush jail cells.
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– Janine Kelso