Basketball, which for the uninitiated is a sport in which genetic freaks compete to be paid the most to wear preposterous trainers, is very popular in America.

Games of basketball see very, very tall men run up and down on a court for a while, and then the team with the tallest men wins.

In the viral clip Mr Jordan, who is 6’11” and weighs 19 stone, is wildly applauded for doing something called a dunky dunk whilst knocking over a player from the other team, Brandon Knight, who is 6’3″ and weighs 13 stone.

For reasons that are as yet unclear he then wanders off the court looking like he’d scored 1 millions points, as opposed to the mere two allocated for dunky dunks.

The audience look baffled, as if what they’d witnessed was something genuinely astonishing like a Gareth Bale freekick, a Messi run or any three-pointer ever made in the history of the NBA, and not just a massive man doing something entirely within the realm of his physical ability and requiring fairly little skill.

Check out the video below