The bus was completing its usual route near the Pennsylvanian town of Jonestown, about 40 kilometers outside of Pittsburgh, when a deer on the road was unable to get out of the road in time and instead smashed through the windscreen.

Clearly shaken by the ordeal, the deer proceeded to flail and spin around in the front entrance doorway near the driver, before finding itself in an empty section of seats.

The driver was able to bring the bus under control and opened the door, at which point the deer simply walked off.

Thankfully the bus was all but empty at the time the deer made its unheralded entrance.

Only one passenger was on the bus at the time and he was seated at the back, far away from the rampaging deer. No injuries have been reported, not amongst the human passengers anyway.

Quite what happened to the deer is unknown, but considering the velocity with which it smashed through the windscreen it would be fair to assume that the deer sustained some kind of injury.

The bus has been sent to a maintenance facility for repairs.

Images: Getty