Shortly after 10am yesterday morning, Pimlico Road was rocked by a sudden blast from beneath that sent concrete and rubble shooting into the air, leaving a giant crater in the road.

Moments later a second and then a third blast was heard, with a local resident catching the incident on their phone.

“There were three explosions,” footage filmer and local resident Charlie Brook told the London Evening Standard. 

“I went to the window and started filming after I heard the first. 

“When I saw the second explosion I was frightened. I thought it was going to travel up the road.”

Miraculously no one was hurt by the three explosions, although the video clearly shows a man in the road near the blast when a fireball shoots out of the crater and up in to the air. 

An inquiry into the specific causes of this incident is being carried out by UK Power Networks, who manage the underground electricity cables in the capital, with a spokeswoman telling the London Evening Standard:

“At 10.25 am yesterday a fault on our underground electricity network in Pimlico Road interrupted power supplies to 1,867 customers.

“UK Power Networks engineers rerouted supplies to 861 customers within ten minutes and all supplies were reconnected by 1.55pm.

“Safety is our top priority and the cause of this incident is being investigated.”

Photo: YouTube.