Farah had just won the half marathon in New Orleans in a course record time and appeared on local TV network WDSU to discuss his race only to be asked if he had run before.

Bumbling TV presenter LaTonya Norton asked Farah “haven’t you run before?” to which the Olympic hero, who won gold in the 5000m and 10,000m last summer and posed in one of London 2012’s most seen images with Usain Bolt. Farah looked bemused for a moment before responding that no, it was not in fact his first time.

“I have done half marathons before, but not New Orleans. This is my first time in New Orleans,” Farah said, with more than a little hint of British sarcasm.

The presenter was not done yet though and continued to ask ill-educated question, asking Farah how he prepares for a marathon.

“I haven’t done a marathon yet. I’m hoping to do one in 2014. This year I’m just going to concentrate on the track and field,” he said.

“A marathon is a long way, it’s double the distance I have done today.”

Photo: YouTube.