During the short chat before the famously opinionated singer performed ‘People Are The Same Everywhere’ on the show he called the Royal family “absolutely horrible people” and said Pippa Middleton was “horrendous”.

Colbert asked “Did you enjoy the Queen’s jubilee, such a glorious celebration?” Morrissey told the satirical comedy host he thought the jubilee represented “sixty years of dictatorship.”

“I hated the royal wedding. They are absolutely horrible people. Arrogant horrible dictators.” he concluded.

When asked why he refused to reform The Smiths with Johnny Marr to cash in, he told Colbert “Not everyone’s a fat old slag”

The singer demanded before his appearance that the entire Colbert studio be meat-free before he would agree to go on the show because “murder is not delicious”

Watch the interview and performance below…

Image: YouTube