The chilly rain was not enough to stop one jogger running along, soaked to the bone and wearing a brown rubber horses head.

NBC4 spotted the jogging joker while they were doing a weather report, now their news broadcast has gone viral.

In scenes reminiscent of the Texas Hurricane in 2008, where another storm reveller went for a stroll in a bear suit, this barmy chap pranced around and waved at the camera.

Apparently, the news wire heard from the jogger post-event. The bare-chested man, named Jimmy Kruyne, told them he wanted to make people smile during this serious event. “Little spontaneous jogging hopefully put a smile on people’s face before this awful storm,” said Kruyne.

The horse head mask phenomenon has spread from the popularity of the listing on Amazon and some of the accompanying photos. See some of the best ones here…

Picture: YouTube