Ukrainian TV reporter Vitalii Sediuk made a play for Will as he went to interview him for his TV show.

However Vitalii’s attempts at locking lips with the screen star failed as Smith managed to avoid his smooches by making several turns with his head all the while being gripped in a hug.

An angry Will told the prankster: “Hey man, what the hell is your problem?”

After slapping him, in a slightly weird, backhanded-punch-way, Smith quickly regained his composure, laughing the incident off almost immediately, before moving on down the line to other members of the press.

He told another uninvolved reporter: “He tried to kiss me on the mouth. He’s lucky I didn’t try to sucker punch him. … Sorry, I said that on camera.”

This isn’t the first time the clown has angered a celebrity.

He is best known for playing a prank on Madonna by presenting the singer with Hydrangeas, her most loathed flower.

The Madge was later caught on camera after the incident at Venice Film Festival last year, telling her assistant that she hated them.

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