My job involves… liasing with the founder of Angels of Hope – an organisation that assists several projects, including those that work with cancer patients and orphanages. Regular communication enables us to assess the needs of projects, agree fundraising targets and efficiently provide the support required for projects based on priority. Furthermore, we focus on raising awareness of important issues and maximising donations and other means of contributions via social media and correspondences.

This month I will fund my own trip to South Africa so that I can have a more hands-on involvement in the projects over there, and hopefully secure some regular donations from local businesses. I am very excited about my trip.

I got my job by… researching humanitarian causes, and was very impressed by Angels of Hope. I contacted the founder of the charity for more information and then volunteered to be a regular fundraiser. Through regular fundraising and commitment I was recruited as an overseas volunteer.

The most rewarding part of my job is… I no longer have to say “I wish I could make a difference”. I realised there are no barriers to providing help and compassion, not even when you’re countries apart. If you really want to help you can reach the needy anywhere.

Alongside seeing positive changes from the work we do, it is rewarding to experience the gratitude of those that I have assisted. Their smiles are priceless and a real motivator.

The most challenging part of my job is… the acquisition of funding. The charity itself is small but supports so many projects. It makes huge differences even with the little they get, and with minimal exposure. It is agonising when I try to support all the projects at one time, as they sometimes all need emergency support. This can be very tough when there are only a few regular donators.

My advice to anyone who wants a job like mine is… to recognise that in this type of endeavour, every little bit makes a huge difference. What we consider as a basic need is in fact a privilege for these people we help in South Africa. There are so many individuals that are making a huge difference to the less fortunate – from providing them with safety and security, to giving them a new start in life. By contributing to the education of disadvantaged kids, we are helping to ensure that they themselves can give back positively in the future. You can easily help to make huge changes now, so decide on a cause or charity you want to help with, and get out there.

Click this link for more information on Angels of Hope, and to enquire about getting involved.