More than 18,000 people welcomed in the sun at the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge at dawn this morning – in spite of the poor weather.

The pagan celebration on the longest day of the year took place at Stonehenge, in Wiltshire.

The crowd cheered as the sun rose, in spite of the overcast sky.

Druid protester King Arthur Pendragon, told the Independent: "We didn't get a great sunrise but it was dry," he said.

"Everyone seems happy with the result."

He added: "It is great to see the stones being used in this way, as opposed to the usual manner with tourists being herded around."

Police said the event was peaceful with only 20 arrests, 11 of which were for drug offences and five for public order offences.

"Although it was disappointing that some individuals chose to bring drugs with them, they were dealt with robustly," said Superintendent Gavin Williams of Wiltshire Police.