The listing is genius, describing the ‘the’ as “handwritten with blue ballpoint pen, on a torn piece of Reflex A4 paper” and a “versatile word” that “can be used in literally thousands of sentences”.

Seller Sweatyman added ‘the’ was “Ideal for any situation, this fun-loving item fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, wallet, or purse” and “Looks great sitting on a MacBook Pro, and emits a mysterious beauty when leaning against sea shells.”

He continued: “It’s the quintessential addition to any pot plant.

“And if your piano needs decorating, this word is likely to create a poor-to-mediocre vibe for onlookers, when they see it placed on your instrument.”

80 bidders from around the world are vying to buy ‘the’ and the auction has four days left.

The vendor is offering free postage, a nice little extra. 

Image via ebay