While it’s all well and good to see a DJ playing tunes predominantly with the help of CDs and a laptop, who doesn’t love hearing someone really work the turntables using good old fashioned vinyl?

With that in mind, Name This Bar are taking eight of Australia’s best up and coming turntablists and pitting them against each other every Thursday night.

Presented by local artists, The Crown Street Cut Collective (CSCC), this eight-week competition will feature two DJs going head to head on the turntables in three five minute rounds in front of a live audience.

Using juggle routines, word play, scratching and turntable trickery on vinyl records, the eight turntablists will all be vying for your vote!

The overall winner will be crowned at a massive grand final event on August 15th.

Alongside the live turntable battles and DJ sets from members of CSCC will be eight artists making live art works while the Djs cut up a storm.

When: 8pm – 12am, Thursday nights between 27 June – 15th August.

Website: waxwars.com.au