This should not be seen as a negative thing though. Dieting is used by many people to ditch excess weight and feel better about themselves. As well as helping to improve your self-esteem, it can also help you become healthier. Being overweight is a major factor behind many serious illnesses such as diabetes, so losing excess weight through dieting is wise. 

The UK diet scene had previously been ruled by one or two large companies that offered their own diet plans to help people lose weight. An interesting shift in recent times though has been the move away from these big names by dieters to smaller or medium-sized dieter-driven businesses. But just what is behind this shift in the dieting landscape? If you are living in London and want to find out, then the below should help. 

More personal support and feel 

Many people seem to be moving towards the smaller or medium-sized diet companies for the more personal feel they offer. Many offer a much more hands-on level of support to their customers and a more personal experience. As dieting is such a personal thing, with each person having their own needs, this is something that more and more are valuing now. 

Many smaller diet companies, for example, will offer one-to-one support to their customers for when they need it. The larger companies simply cannot match this more intimate approach due to the higher number of people they have on their books. While this was once something that allowed them to dominate the dieting scene, it is now turning into something that is holding them back. 

Glowing testimonials

When it comes down to it, you want to know that a diet works before you spend time and money on it. The small to medium-sized diet plan providers have been quick to latch onto this and show people proof of their success. The many Cambridge Diet success stories are evidence of this in action as this provider is rightfully quick to let the world know of its plan working for people. Publishing testimonials online has allowed smaller diet providers to connect with their target audience in a way that really hits home and persuades them to sign up.

Extra convenience 

Another reason for the growing popularity of the small to medium-sized diet companies is the convenience that their plans offer. Most people now are simply too busy to attend meetings every week in person, which means that plans that call for this simply do not work out for them. The smaller diet companies tend to offer plans that do not ask you to attend meetings in person and instead make use of phone calls, emails or video calls to offer support. This means that you can follow the plan and get help if needed in a way that fits in better with busy daily life.

Embarrassment factor removed

The other downside with following a diet plan that asked you to attend meetings in person was the dreaded weigh-in. This would see you have to get up in front of the whole group to be weighed. Naturally, many people found this side of some plans offered by the larger companies embarrassing, and it actually put them off dieting. Modern smaller diet companies do not have this sort of embarrassing side to them, which makes them more popular with people. They also allow you to keep your dieting journey more personal if you like and do not force you to share it with a group of other dieters to whom you may not relate.

A fresh take on dieting

One more reason for the rise of the medium or small diet companies in recent years has been their fresh take on dieting. In truth, the diet sector had not really progressed for a long time, and the big names still ran plans that looked the same as they did 30 years ago. The smaller companies came along with a new take on how a diet plan could work and what tools you could use to achieve your goals. This has helped them greatly to capture more of the market.

Dieting has entered a new phase 

The rise of new diet plan providers in place of older, larger names is a positive thing for dieters. It has forced everyone involved in the industry to up their game and offer more modern, personal ways to help people lose weight. The range of fabulous plans around now that use the latest apps or recipes to work means that you will easily find one that can help you meet your fitness goals.