Here are TNT Sports Editor, Tom Sturrock’s, expert tips and predictions for the World Cup 2010.

Who’ll play in the final? Who’ll win it?
Spain to beat Brazil 2-1 in a classic.

Will any of the Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas go past the group stage?

The Kiwis and Saffas were never a real chance and the Aussies needed a good draw but didn’t get it. Can’t see any of them going through.

How many games will each win?

Maybe the Aussies can pinch a win over Ghana, but that’s about it. Germany and Serbia look too good and the Saffas and the Kiwis may be out of their depth.

Group G is the Group of Death, with Brazil, Ivory Coast, Portugal and North Korea. Who will go through?
Brazil and Portugal. That means Didier Drogba will have a good hard sook.

Who will be the tournament’s bolter?

Nigeria or the USA. Both are well-placed to go past the group stage and are both accomplished enough to upset a more fancied opponent in the knock-out rounds.

Which player will score the most goals overall?

Spain’s David Villa due to sheer volume of opportunity.

Who will be the tournament’s best player?
Probably Lionel Messi. He’s the best player in the world at the moment, so hopefully his sublime form holds.

Which player’s stocks will rise the most during the tournament?

Argentina striker Sergio Aguero has been in great form for Atletico Madrid. He’s only 21 and a big showing at the World Cup could seal a big money move to the Premier League. He’s also engaged to the daughter of Diego Maradona, who is coaching Argentina, so he should get plenty of time on the ground.

Will the Saffas pull it off?

There will likely be some hurdles in terms of security and protesters looking to hijack proceedings, but they should be able to avoid any major disasters, meaning the event will go down as a success.

Will hosting the World Cup do any lasting good for Saffa football?
Yes. It’s unlikely to transform the infrastructure of the game in South Africa, but they have some talented young players, and if a few of them get picked up by European sides, it will strengthen Bafana Bafana long-term.