Charlie, a six year old golden retriever has won himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records after being awarded the title of Loudest Bark by an Individual Dog.

Charlie’s loudest bark was measured at 113.1 decibels at a national competition late last year and the Judges have now officially confirmed that as the loudest bark, outstripping a London based German shepherd who barked a 108.

113 decibels is roughly 40 times louder than an average human conversation and louder even than the sound of an Airbus A380 taking off.

If you wanted an adequate comparison the noise of 113.1 decibels is about the equivalent of a loud rock concert.

Belinda Freebairn, Charlie’s proud owner, said he developed his loud, deep bark when he was still a puppy.

She also says that despite his horrendously loud bark, Charlie isn’t a pain to be around inside the house at all, as he is very well trained.

“He doesn’t bark at home at all really, he’s really quiet.” said Belinda Freebairn.

Well done Charlie. Considering the dark days that Australia’s cricket and rugby union teams find themselves in, not to mention the woeful campaign our Olympics team had, you may well be my new favourite sporting personality/record holder/dog.