Cook up a Japanese treat

To mark the opening of Itsu’s new restaurant and bar in Notting Hill, the clever clogs behind the Japanese chain have agreed to share a delicious recipe for these refreshing X-ray tuna rolls.

What you need: 1 prepared sheet of sushi rice on a bamboo rolling mat; wasabi mixed with mayonnaise; 40g-60g tuna pieces, diced; Maldon sea salt; shichimi pepper (available from Asian supermarkets); 10g-20g tobiko (or any fish roe); avocado, cut in strips; bunch of coriander; 1 dry rice paper roll; shiso leaves

The work: To make the rice roll: take your rice sheet, put one line of wasabi mayo down the centre, spread the tuna in a line on top of the wasabi, and sprinkle with salt and shichimi pepper. Place the tobiko in a line next to the tuna and put the avocado strips next to the tobiko. Gently roll the rice so it is closed.
To assemble the X-ray: apply a little oil spray to a non-stick surface (the bottom of a baking tray works well). Place the rice paper into hot water for a couple of seconds and lie it on the lightly oiled surface. Scatter the coriander and shiso leaves over the rice paper. Place the roll at the bottom of the cooked rice paper and roll it into a tube. Slice into discs, arrange on a plate, and garnish with a little shiso.

Itsu Restaurant and Butterfly Bar, Notting Hill Gate, W11 3QA 
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