Pilfering some of the Farrelly Brothers’ original’s narrative, the dumb-twins head off on a road trip to track down Harry’s just discovered daughter (whom he had with Kathleen Turner, obvs). Predictably, things don’t go entirely to plan and they wind up fingering an old lady (as you do), pulling off one of the longest long-con gotchas of all time (not a bad achievement for a total dope) and eating a  hot dog in a weird way (which is far funnier than it actually sounds).

Some of the gags miss their mark and there is probably one too many shout outs to the earlier movie, but plenty of the jokes will have you proper ROFL- and LOL-ing, which is not a bad thing for a comedy to do, eh? True, it may not be the most cerebral of winter films – go see Interstellar if you want to bamboozle your noggin – and it is not even the most cerebral of the Farrelly’s comedies. It is though very, very funny, and we haven’t been able to say that about Jim Carrey for quite some time. 

Dumb And Dumber To is released December 19 courtesy of Universal.