Being filmed as part of the reality internet series The Gap Year his trip was on Endemol and Bebo – even better he didn’t have to plan a thing. First, he set off to the US, then Central America, following on to Australia, which is where TNT caught up with him.

So, please tell us all about The Gap Year? 
The Gap Year is a reality TV show for the Bebo website. Six people were chosen to go on a six month trip around the world. I’m the UK guy. It took six months of auditioning. It’s the same rigorous process as Big Brother, which is also made by Endemol. It came down to me and this cute girl, and I thought she’d got it in the bag. But we were walking along Oxford Street and a guy appeared with a sign saying, “Dave, you are going around the world.”

Do all your friends hate you for bagging such a great gig? 
I just have my mum. My mum is my main fan. As long as my mum’s a fan, I’m alright. 

Ahhh, that’s nice. So where have you been so far? 
I went to Canada. Across British Columbia into Whistler. Went over to Montreal and saw a completely different side of Canada. It’s very cultural, which is nice to see outside of Europe. Then I went to the States, which wasn’t that great, because I’m under 21 and can’t drink. But I can’t complain with a free Grand Canyon trip. And then down to Mexico. 

Do you know in advance where you are going?
Sometimes they tell you on the day what you are doing. You’re like, “Woah, woah, what’s going on?”. It’s a different way of travelling. My PD (project director) Tom knows a lot of stuff before I do, but I’m naughty and usually find out what I am doing on Google anyway. 

Must be cool getting followed around with a camera while travelling? 
I don’t normally tell people about The Gap Year show. I’m not a fame flaunter. It’s just… I’m in it for the travelling trip. It’s nice to have that element there. It’s normally people who ask, “What’s this 31-year-old doing with you with a camera?”. We have made up some funny ones, like, “we are porn stars”, for a laugh. So normally it does come out. I heard that you can win money… You get $100 if you make a winning video. The Irish person wins a lot because there’s quite a big Irish interest in the programme. I’ve got a video to do today so I think I’m going to dress up as a banana and run around Sydney Harbour like an idiot. 

What’s the best thing you’ve done? 
Floating down the Grand Canyon wearing a buoyancy aid was cool but probably the highlight was skydiving. Landing on the Gold Coast, right on the beach. 

When is your trip over? 
I don’t want to think about it. I think it’s about two months. I’m definitely going to New Zealand, but I think there might be one more stop, possibly India or Fiji. 

What’s your favourite place so far?
San Francisco is great. I had a perception that America is not that interesting. But when I got to San Francisco I thought this is a really cool city. I went to some crazy shops – a pirate shop that didn’t sell anything. And I went to a clothes shop where they weigh the items and work out the price from the weight. 

Your least favourite so far?
Tijuana, Mexico – 100 per cent. It’s a horrible, dirty city. Never going back. 

What are you up to after your trip? 
I’m moving out to Finland to work in Lapland. I’ve got a job placement as an elf looking after Father Christmas. I have to be an elf as you get free skiing. And then I’m going to Swansea to start university, studying international travel management. The fourth year is in Disneyland. You’ve gotta live life to the full, eh? 

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