The English soul singer-songwriter burst onto the music scene in 2003 with her album Soul Sessions. She’s been compared to Aretha Franklin, sang with Smokey Robinson and even performed at the US Superbowl. She was recently over in Nashville recording her new album LP1 which is out right now. She’ll be in Australia soon so we gave her a call…

Tell us about the new album. How is it different to what you have done before? Well I made it with Dave Stewart which is different because I have only ever done bits and bobs with him, so it’s quite nice to really go for it for a week. Also making an album in Nashville was awesome, a totally different vibe. I loved it. Hence why the sound is different to my other records, nothing was the same or even similar to recent set ups.

How did working with Dave Stewart come about? He just called me one day while i was working on my friends boat in Spain and asked me if I wanted to come make some music for a week and my answer of course was yes. Two days later I found myself in a studio in Nashville.

What was it like working with him? Awesome and hilarious, I love working with Dave, he is the best, everything is fun, nothing is ever stressful when he is around.

How did you feel when you heard about the crazy plot to kidnap you? Very confused.

How excited are you about coming down to Australia later in the year? I cannot wait, I loved it there. I have a friend that has moved there last year, so even better.

Have you had a chance to see much of Australia before while here? Unfortunately, I haven’t had that much chance to get to know it apart from a spot of shopping in Melbourne, but I want to go into the country side for a bit, hopefully this time I will have the time to do so.

Can we expect any more acting roles from you in the future? I hope so but there’s nothing on the horizon at the moment.

How did it feel to be invited to the Royal Wedding? I was very happy to be invited, it was stunning and an amazing piece of history to be part of.

How hard was picking an outfit? My mum and I went shopping the day before, she’s really good for that, she has great taste! It was really about the bride that day though, no one was looking at me. Kate was just beautiful.

If you could sing with anyone in history, who would it be? Bob Marley. I think the reasons are obvious: he is Bob Marley. But then this question has many answers – Otis Redding would have been amazing to sing with because he was so soulful.

Growing up, who was your celebrity crush? I fancied Robbie Fowler, he was the striker for Liverpool when I was about 11.

Who’s your favourite cartoon character? Betty Boop, she’s so cute. Bless.

Joss Stone’s album, LP1, is out now through her own label Stone’d Records. She plays Melbourne on October 22.[]