Numerology is the study of numbers that analyzes their effects on a person’s personality and future. Angel numbers stem from numerology, and they are a set of numbers that have repeating digits like 1111 or follow a set pattern like 1234. Usually, these numbers consist of three to four digits. Many people believe these to be enchanted sequences that carry divine messages.

Angel numbers constantly appear in your surroundings. You can see them on dates and number plates. Every angel number holds a special meaning that helps you with insight into a complex situation, tells you if you are on the right path, and shed light on recurring experiences in your life.

Why Are Angel Numbers Special?

In numerology, most fortune-telling and predictions made on an individual are driven by their birth statuses, such as zodiac signs and astrology birth charts. While zodiac signs provide information about one’s personality and preferences, angel numbers talk about how you navigate the world. Additionally, you should note that your horoscope will remain the same throughout your life, but the angel numbers you encounter will continuously change.

Numerology says you only experience the same angel number until you apply their teachings to your life. After that, your angel number changes to provide help on another aspect.

The Meanings Behind Angel Numbers

Just as angel numbers vary from person to person, their meanings also differ from person to person. Here are some of the general definitions for some angel numbers:

  • 000: New opportunities await you
  • 111: Have trust in your intuition and pass on your knowledge to the world
  • 222: Rethink your priorities. There is an imbalance in your life
  • 333: Find your life’s purpose
  • 444: Face your conflicts
  • 555: Change is coming. You should follow it
  • 666: You should shift your perspective
  • 777: Reach out to your talents

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Why Do We See Angel Numbers Repeatedly?

Numerology suggests that you interact with angel numbers because they are a call to action rather than messages. The divine power of the universe is giving you signs on how to tackle your issues and improve your life. In some cases, angel numbers do not want a direct action but just a change in perception.

If you are unclear about the reason behind an angel number, a google search will not be the answer to your troubles. This is because angel numbers hold different meanings for different people. To truly get the response to your uncertainty, you only need to question your intuition. On a subconscious level, you are well aware of the changes you need to make in your lives, and angel numbers are only the means of reminding you of that.


Numerology is subjective – its principles are primarily based on different perspectives, so you always find varying interpretations of a matter. However, this does not weaken the reliability of angel numbers. As angel numbers integrate spirituality and perception, they require no link with facts and pieces of evidence. People’s personal experiences show that numerology, particularly angel numbers, can uplift a person and solve problems, whether this is a subconscious effort or a divine implication. Regardless of the reason, keep your mind open and read the universe’s signs; they may be of help.