Simon Taylor, Managing Director of explained “We’ve seen no drop-in productivity and the feedback we’ve received about working from home has been incredibly positive. With a hopeful sight in end of the pandemic, we’ve started to reassess our future business needs and prioritise how our staff prefer to work.

With the Government saying that employers can bring staff back to workplaces, the vast majority of insurers and brokers are left in a strange stalemate. Given we’re a relatively small brokerage, we can adapt quickly to the environment we find ourselves. The coronavirus conundrum continues to throw up more questions than answers, but what is clear is that our staff have enjoyed the flexibility working from home offers. That’s why agreeing a strategy now, means we live up to our own expectations of being a forward-thinking business and employer.

The roles we create today are less siloed and more task orientated, not all of which are conducive to the hustle and bustle of a busy office. Giving our employees flexibility to do their jobs remotely, not only improves job satisfaction but creates a great recruiting tool for younger employees. Whilst the three days in the office, means we can still enjoy the benefits of creating a team culture, which shares ideas, learns and pushes itself forwards.

We see greater flexibility in office space and hot desking taking a more prominent role as companies reduce their footprint in cities. With train operators starting to offer greater flexibility on season tickets, the cost savings made from having to commute, buying coffee and lunch adds up. Talent acquisition in insurance market continues to be a focal point for management and offering staff greater flexibility in a work-life balance is a draw we believe will help our brokerage grow”.