Cloud and data technologies have a great impact on businesses today making lots of their processes easier and at the same time more effective. Now, numerous organizations need to collaborate with Azure data engineers in identifying and meeting data requirements. This is to help them in implementing data solutions that use Azure-based data services. If you think this is a field you would be interested in, this post is for you. With Microsoft’s plan for training and certification, you are going to gain the skills you need as an Azure Data Engineer and will have more chances to join this IT area successfully. 

Before you dive into studying and start your preparation, make sure your other responsibilities, academic and otherwise, are taken care of. For example, if you are a college student, find a reliable paper writing service to help you out with your other assignments while you prepare for the Microsoft DP-200 Exam.

To become Microsoft certified as an Azure Data Engineer Associate, you need to pass two exams, which include the Click here to Visit Exam-Labs Web Page Microsoft DP-200 assessment. This test is known as ‘Implementing an Azure Data Solution’ and from this post, you’ll know its details and find the best tips to prepare for it as well as how to pass it from the first try.

Exam DP-200 Details

The test seeks to check and prove your data implementation tasks. Candidates need to know how to provision storage services for data, transform data, implement security requirements, implement policies for data retention, and identify performance bottlenecks. They are expected to implement data-based solutions that utilize Azure services such as Cosmos DB, Synapse Analytics,Data Factory, and Blob Storage among others.

DP-200 exam will be comprising 40-60 questions needing 150 minutes to take. The tasks come in different patterns including best answer, active screen, multiple choice, short answer, review screen, mark review, case study, and build list. Achieving the pass status demands for 700 out of 1000 points. A candidate has to pay$165 to be listed for the exam. After completing this test, you are also required to pass DP-201 “Designing an Azure Data Solution” assessment, the second and the final one that leads to earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate badge.

Although the required score is high, it’s possible to achieve it as long as you apply practical strategies. So, which study tips are best to use when preparing for exam  DP-200?

Simple Study Tips to Prepare for Exam DP-200

Preparing forany assessment takes dedication. You need to apply the right amount of effort to be successful. These tips will ensure you pass the test even if this is the first time you are going to take it:

1.     Be confident

Don’t let doubts cross your mind when getting ready for your exam. Of course, what will give you confidence is how well you are going to prepare. Make sure you dedicate yourself wholly to it. Don’t accept to be carried away with distractions or to lose yourfocus: confidence is necessary when preparing as well as when taking the exam.

2.     Commit enough time to study

You need at least 2 hours a day to study if you want to achieve success. This is the time to learn new things and revise what you have already learnt. You can choose to do this early in the morning or in the evening before you sleep. It’s true that you need to have a balance between your studies and other important commitments. So, you have to ensure you ignore none of them.

3.     Read the exam’s official page

Microsoft provides official information on exam DP-200 which you have to check. You’ll find all the aspects you have to know at the exam’s page to ensure you are aware of the exam prerequisites, topics, structure, recommended training resources, and the regulations. Do not begin your revision before you pass through the details on this page.

4.     Take an official study course

For all Microsoft exams, there are official courses that you are advised to take. The instructor-led option can be a little costly, but you won’t regret enrolling in it. Still, in case you find the cost is beyond you, there are free online trainings you can take. There are several variants related to different themes so you can choose any of them to fill in your knowledge gaps.

5.     Study with guides and flashcards

Studying for exam DP-200 with guides and flashcards will help complement the knowledge you have already obtained in the training. Amazon is a good place to find these resources. You can check out these ones below:

  • DP-200 study guide,
  • Exam DP-200 & DP-201 flashcards.

6.     Get practical experience

Hands-on skills are vital in passing the exam and even in carrying out the tasks related to your Azure Data Engineer role. Microsoft has free self-paced labs targeting to prepare you for this position and you can practice with them anytime you wish.This is the best way to attain skills in implementing Azure data solutions.

Boost Your Preparation with Exam Dumps

Studying with courses and guides alone may not be enough in passing the final assessment. It’s advisable to take practice exams to increase your chances of absorbing information.DP-200 exam dumps are the best option for this purpose as they include a big variety of questions and answers to train with and do it in the near-real exam environment.

In case you need a great plan to sort you out with this, you need to check out online resources like the This platform helps the candidates by offering free mock exams formatted in the ete format. They also have a Premium Bundle that goes for $54.98and includes more than just exam dumps. Apart from the 182 questions and answers, it also allows access to 69 lectures in a single video course.

To maximize your practice sessions, you must download a software calledthe ETE Exam Simulator. With this, you can open ete files downloaded fromthe and experience how it feels when taking the actual exam including the interactive interface, timing, and score reports. After each session, you can check the answers, note the questions you got wrong, and go back to them until you get them right. Thus, you’ll get a great grasp of the topics and will be familiar with the exam structure.


Earning the Microsoft associate-level badge forAzure Data Engineer demands intentional steps so you need to take these study tips seriously and implement them. Direct your attention towards getting exam DP-200 topics right — exam dumps, study guides, training courses, and other materials will help you with this.

If there’s one thing you need to achieve in the nearest future, then it’s passing this exam. Commit to accomplishing this goal asap and only then move on to the next step!