Laura Cornelius
26, from Britain

What made you decide to come and work in Australia?

I got bored with my life in England and felt like a change of lifestyle. And to see Australia while I’m young and single.

What job did you do at home?

I worked in London, combining childcare with acting work and events and promotional work.

What’s your new job like?

It’s completely flexible. It’s with different families with different children of all ages and temperaments, so one day it can be great, another day it can be awful, depending on the children! Sometimes it’s
at a house, sometimes a hotel, always different.

How did you land this job?

I enrolled with an agency.

What’s the pay like?

It varies, depending on the amount of children, their ages, whether its childcare in the day or night and whether it’s at a hotel or a house. It is always between $18 and $25 per hour, usually about $20.

Any memorable moments on the job?

I was looking after two girls and we spent the afternoon swimming in a roof-top pool and drinking milkshakes in the jacuzzi overlooking the opera house and bridge. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to do it!

What’s great about your job?

The flexibility, visiting different places nearly every day and meeting new people.

And what’s not so great?

Generally I love being with children. But when you get a difficult child, its not all that great. But that really hasn’t happened often.

Any tips for fellow job hunters?

You need police checks and a first aid certificate (you can get one In Australia). Without them you won’t get a job with an agency. It’s best to work for an agency as you know you will get paid.