Kelli, 26 and from the UK

What made you decide to come to Australia? I am currently studying at university and I wanted a change of scenery.

How did you land your new job? I had a friend who was working as a dancer. She had got her job through an agency so I contacted them and they placed me at a club in Sydney.

And what exactly is it that you do now? I bar tend at the club and also dance.

Had you done that sort of thing before? What was your last job back home? I had been a bartender but never a dancer. I have a lot of experience in hospitality so I’m used to handling people.

How long do you plan to work in Australia for? Forever! No, I have to do my regional work soon so I can get my second year visa. I do love it though.

Where have you worked so far, and what is your next destination? I’ve only danced in Sydney but I’ve done other work in Cairns, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Were you nervous on your first night? Absolutely. I didn’t know what to expect but everyone was really supportive.

Any days not that great? Like with any job, there’s always going to be times that you wish you weren’t at work but they’re few and far between.

How does the pay compare to your expectations? I knew, through my friend, that it was going to pay well but I didn’t think it would be a continuous flow.

Has it led to any other work, like modelling? Not at this stage. I don’t know whether that’s my cup of tea but we’ll see.

How about other travellers? What sort of reaction do you get? My girlfriends are really intrigued and I’ve already introduced two to the profession. The guys, of course, just want to watch!

What can you advise other keen travellers considering your job? You will be surprised how much it builds your confidence as well as your bank balance, just go for it!