Tommie 20, from Hawaii

What made you come and work in Australia? I always wanted to go to Australia. I also needed to get out of Hawaii where everyone knows each other!

So what do you do? I am a dancer for Dancers Cabaret, Men’s Gallery and Pure Platinum.

What’s the pay like? The money is great, although it can range from night to night. It is definitely the most money you can make in a party atmosphere!

How did you get the job? I applied with an agency and they called me in for an interview right away. I attended a free new dancer workshop that covered everything I needed to know.

Any good stories to tell about your new job? I now know what men like in women! I would never have guessed that by picking up tips from my professional life. My sex life has improved, haha.

How does working here compare to back home? The clientele here are more friendly than back home.

What’s great about your job? I get fit whilst having fun and making money!

And what’s not so great? Working late nights.

Any tips for travellers considering your job? I would definitely recommend working for the right company. Most clubs are professional and classy and the best around!

Agency Contacts Men’s Gallery Ph: (02) 9231 4288 Dream Girls Ph: 0403 677 215 TNT Jobs