If you’re a carer, who cares about money, then nursing is a great opportunity for those with the right qualifications. But what about the recession I hear you cry? Whilst Christine Lingard at Nursing Agency Australia admits things are a bit of a challenge at the moment she assured us, “NAA always has work for registered nurses.” Jobs may be available but be aware that there have been some changes to nursing requirements in the last few months says Christine, “Registered nurses now require an English Test to get their registration in NSW. Also vaccinations are a new requirement for NSW Public Hospitals so they should also bring all their vaccination documentation.” Once you’re injected up nursing is a great role for travellers because it is so flexible. “The travelling nurse can work her way around Australia with most work in capital cities but also can have the experience of rural placements working in country areas,” Christine informs us. The money isn’t bad either. Rates vary depending on the sector you work in, but a nurse working full time can make $1500/week. Any chances of sponsorship? “The NAA does offer sponsorship to suitable applicants,” says Chris. So isn’t it time for you to nurse your wallet back to health?


What made you decide to work in Australia? Sunshine, culture and to have fun. Nursing is well paid here, this enables to me see the proper Australia, and have the opportunity to work and travel this beautiful country.

How did you get the job? Word of mouth. Started off in a hospital for six months then joined an agency. Agency work is great as it gives you more flexible work hours.

What job did you have at home? I worked for five years as an RN in Cardiology and General Medicine.

What’s the pay like? Better than England.

Any good stories to tell about your new job? I have met some great people through work. I am off to the Hunter Valley this weekend with the people from work.

Is sponsorship a possibility? I think so. I definitely would consider it. I love it here.

How long have you been in Australia and what’s your next destination? Eight months so far. I’m saving up to travel up the east coast and then on to Darwin.

Any tips for travellers considering your job? Just enjoy yourself. Put yourself out there an the rest will follow.